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Youngstown, OH, 44505
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Printing 3D Parts, Inc. specializes in providing production quality prototypes for various industries using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. The process eliminates tooling costs and reduces time and development costs by printing developmental part designs from a CAD file or modifying a CAD file after 3D scanning a part. The result is a production-quality part within days.

Automotive Trim

Automotive Trim

If you need a rare trim piece for a low volume classic vehicle, Printing 3D Parts, Inc. has the scanning and printing technologies to create exact reproductions for restorers. All we need is an original trim piece (condition is irrelevant), and we can quickly create a 3D printed piece made from durable, ABS‐type plastic that can be painted or chrome plated. Avoid expensive tooling costs and inventory issues—3D print reproductions to order!

All original trim pieces are fully insured against loss or damage. CAD files created from original trim pieces can be purchased to ensure no reproductions can be made without your permission.